About Us – Bombshell Tattoo Studios
Our artists are here to assist each of our clients in every step necessary to bring there tattoo ideas to reality.
We will explore the possibilities behind each concept, working closely with each client every step of the way.


Consultations are always free of charge at Bombshell.  We will set aside the time for each client to go into depth to explore your tattoo ideas and concepts. The purpose is to successfully put a plan together for the designing process that will achieve the desired final outcome based on the clients’ vision.

What Makes Good Tattoos?

Our number one focus with each tattoo is longevity. What will your tattoo look like in 10, 20, or even 50 years from now? This focal point is centered in all stages of the tattoo process. We realize that not only is the client going to wear a tattoo for the rest of their life, but that our reputation hinges on the fact that your tattoo is also a representation of our studio for the rest of your life. We will heed this extra caution in all aspects from the greeting you will receive when entering our studio to the completion of the healing process. We have a deep desire to provide each client a pleasurable experience in a clean professional environment. We would also like to point out that before each and every one of our crew members were tattoo artists, they where artists with a passion to create original art. All tattoos done at Bombshell are creations of art based on the vision of each client. We will guide on you this journey using decades of experience in the process of turning your vision’s into a one of a kind custom body art.


If there is one style of tattooing that separates a true master of our trade from the run of the mill artist it would be covering up an unwanted tattoo. After all, the ink placed in the skin to make that tattoo will always be there residing within the skin tissue. The fact that the choices you make when deciding on what to cover that old tattoo with and the artist you choose to do it will most likely be a lifelong decision that can not be changed.  The knowledge required to successfully cover up an unwanted tattoo is highly protected within the industry. A skill developed over many generations of tattooers and passed down through the tight net lineage of very few artists. A skill that could never be fully developed by a single artist in his or her own lifetime. You can feel assured that our elite crew of artists can approach your cover up request within these rules and guidelines that have been set in place for decades. We know what works and what won’t. What is possible and what is not. Don’t be fooled by misrepresentation and promises that can’t be fulfilled.


Touch ups are rare, but sometimes necessary if something goes wrong during the healing process. You can feel at ease knowing that if your tattoo requires touch up work or re-saturation of color it will come at no cost you. After all, you should only have to pay for a tattoo once.

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